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Our partnership with Workday Learning

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Everything you need to know about our partnership

Our integration

Seamless integration between Workday Learning and Questionmark‘s assessment platform enables HR and learning professionals to leverage Questionmark’s broad range of collaborative authoring, secure delivery and in-depth psychometric reporting capabilities that ensure valid and reliable pre- and post-hire assessment for sound and defensible personnel decisions.

When integrated with Questionmark, Workday Learning customers can benefit from Questionmark’s powerful question and assessment authoring, delivery and reporting features. Assessments created in Questionmark can be scheduled via Workday Learning, providing learners with a seamless experience.

People Sync for Workday

People Sync for Workday customers is the most powerful Workday integrated assessment solution on the market, streamlining the assessment experience and keeping test-takers in their Workday environment.

The key benefits include:

  1. Keeps test-takers in the Workday environment for a seamless, non-disruptive assessment experience
  2. Efficient data communication between Workday and Questionmark means tasks such as onboarding, setting up a new course, or updating a system for HR purposes is now faster than ever before
  3. Harnesses the combined power of both platforms for a learning and assessment experience that works in harmony
  4. Takes the heavy lifting out of assessment management by removing the need for manual uploads or exports
  5. Realtime data communication so that you’re always up to date

Launching People Sync for Workday

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To get the ball rolling, simply reach out to your account manager and ask them about the People Sync for Workday integration

Iron out the details

Have a discovery call with our solutions team to find out how the integrations can meet your exact needs

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Once the plans have all been agreed, we’ll manage the configuration process to get you set up


Now that you’re set up, you can enjoy the secure synchronization between Questionmark and Workday

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Talk to the team to start making assessments a seamless part of your learning experience.


Workday & Questionmark: Accelerating Together

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