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Unlocking performance through reliable and secure online assessments

We provide a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform, supporting professional services and ready-made content to leading organizations around the world, delivered with care and unequalled expertise.

Learning and development

Helping customers to improve their business performance by unlocking the potential of their people.

Security and compliance

Meeting employee compliance requirements safely and securely, particularly in areas of regulated activity with a high cost of failure.

Awarding bodies

Helping customers differentiate their offer by setting qualifications at the right level and delivering credible assessments.


Giving the confidence and credibility that the certification programs that are delivered are valid, reliable, fair and defensible.

C-suite making decisions


Reimagining Recruitment Decisions

Hiring decisions matter. How can employers make better decisions and navigate a constantly shifting business environment?
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We help organizations and their people improve their performance, and safely meet their compliance requirements.

  • Secure online assessments done in the right way to maximize the impact of training and development
  • Professional services and content to make the most of the assessments

Watch the 7 short modules to see how the Questionmark Platform is trusted by leading organizations around the world.

Why Questionmark?

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Supporting organizations around the world

Organizations around the world trust our platform to improve performance, develop new skills and expertise among their people and ensure they are fully compliant with their professional obligations. Since starting, we have been trusted by more than 2,500 customers worldwide.

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Unparalleled experience in reliable assessments

We care that our customers succeed. We have the experience to ensure that our customers get results they can rely on, which are valid, reliable, fair and defensible. We have helped our customers deliver more than 95m unique assessments.

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Broad expertise across sectors

A wide range of expertise across industry sectors, government and academia.

Informing decision making and investment in training

Being able to assess learning and development, as well as compliance programs, is critical to success. Our assessments enable more informed decisions. We support more than 18m assessments each year.

Unlocking individual potential with accurate assessments

We also help individuals unlock their potential by giving them a clear and accurate picture of how they perform. We have served more than 1.9m individual people over the last 12 months.

Supporting teams across the organization

We support the full range of people within the organization to deliver valid, fair, reliable and defensible assessments.

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Senior Management and Departmental Heads

  • Maximize overall business impact
  • Build stronger brands
  • Deliver better value to customers
  • Assessments done the right way
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Technical Assessment Teams

  • Improve performance through learning
  • Protect the business through compliance
  • Integrated with existing processes and systems
  • Reliable, scalable and flexible

Consultants and Intermediaries

  • Full-service, enterprise-grade platform
  • Flexible service to meet all needs
  • Rapid response and support available
  • Simple to integrate with existing processes and systems

Critical Decision Makers

  • Rigor and experience across different deployments
  • Compliant with major data protection and health and safety criteria
  • Certified to ISO27001 information security standards
  • Easy to integrate with existing processes and systems

Delivering better business performance

Organizations around the world find that implementing assessment technology helps to improve their performance and safely meet their compliance requirements. 

We help improve the quality of hires, customer satisfaction, employee retention and improve productivity. Reliable, secure, enterprise grade online assessments help save time, money and headaches.

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Questionmark Silver Excellence in Technology BHG Award

Questionmark HR Mag Top 10 Talent Management
Questionmark FedRAMP Authorized