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Questionmark for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Supporting pharmaceutical organizations to ensure security, compliance and growth

Assessments for the pharma industry

Empower your Sales Representatives

Your sales representatives are critical to your success and keeping them up to speed with the latest product lines and global processes is essential. It’s why creating in-depth training programs supported by thorough assessments is so important in ensuring your sales representatives are set up for success.

With Questionmark’s online assessment platform, you can author, deliver and report on the skills and knowledge of your sales representatives with efficiency and ease. From helping you easily keep track of training progress with a range of reporting tools to providing a wide range of test formats designed with your sector in mind, we’re here to help you create the perfect assessment program for your organization.

IT Certifications

Measure on-the-job skills

When it comes to your team’s practical skills out in the field, we know it’s vital they are able to deliver, recall and apply information in a way that’s aligned with the processes and products you deal with. From accurately educating third parties about the uses and risks of medication, to the correct methods of operating medical devices, the ability to measure your team’s competency in a real-world setting is critical.  

 To help ensure your business is always operating competently and safely, we have developed our observational assessment format, designed to assess an employee’s competency or behaviors in high-risk environments to measure on-the-job skills.. Quick to set up via phone or tablet and providing you with real-time insights into your employee’s skills, observational assessments provide a unique opportunity to test your employees in an authentic setting.  

Report on your assessment program

Demonstrate training ROI

The ability to pivot training or measure ROI is essential in successfully delivering a training program for your team, be it for compliance or to update your sales representatives on changes to medical practices and products. It’s why reporting is such an important part of assessing training.  

Whether it’s identifying a knowledge gap or analyzing the success of your training over time we have a report for you. Benefit from the opportunity to continuously improve your assessment program through meaningful data and gain invaluable insights into individual performance too.  

Questionmark is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant

Remain compliant and audit with ease

Regulatory risks are always high on our pharmaceutical customers’ list of concerns and the ability to meet ever-changing requirements and provide audit trials is key.  

We have been developing simple solutions for pharmaceutical customers to meet this challenge for over 30 years. We know that the challenge of satisfying regulatory requirements goes far beyond creating thorough training programs though —you have to prove it’s working too. That’s where assessment comes in.  

With our reporting capabilities, you can quickly and accurately provide audit trails of your team’s compliance with the latest regulatory requirements, while our wide selection of assessment formats means you can test everything from health and safety skills when operating medical machinery to handling healthcare data in a secure way.  

Questionmark assessments are highly secure

Secure by design

We understand the value of data security, especially for sensitive industries like pharmaceuticals. It’s why we bake security into the heart of our platform with multiple layers of defense, including physical safeguards, access control, environmental management, firewall protection and uninterruptible power supply. We are also ISO27001 certified and ensure we are always up to date with the latest GDPR requirements. It’s why 600+ customers trust us with their business-critical data, and why you can too.  

What’s more, we have a wealth of extra security credentials, certificates and audits that you can learn more about by visiting out Trust Center, because you can never be too careful where security is concerned.  

Translating assessments into multiple languages

Scale your program with translations

We know your ability to scale safely and deliver global compliance programs relies heavily on how well you can deliver multi-lingual material with security at its core. 

 We have multiple tools including a full translation management system (TMS) and an award-winning in-assessment tool, Instant Translate, to ensure that your multi language needs can be met and your ability to go global with your certification and assessment programs isn’t hindered by language barriers.

Integrating with our assessment platform

One location for all your assessments needs

Staying secure and efficient is something every sector looks for and our pharmaceutical customers are no different.  By reducing the number of platforms with access to your data and delivering more with fewer providers, you can achieve a superior level of training for your teams and better overall ROI.  

Our platform is designed to give you everything you need to create assessments that fully support your organization’s needs. As well as the ability to author, deliver and analyze, we also have numerous integration and API features, allowing you to create one single ecosystem with your most trusted platforms and keep the end user experience seamless.

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Using online assessments to train on-field sales teams and help to increase security while simplifying the process.


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