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Assessment delivery

Deliver your assessments to test takers in a way that works for you
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A better test taking experience

From your first steps scheduling a test to hitting submit, we make it easy for administrators and test takers alike. Deliver your tests how you want, where you want, from fixed form assessments all the way through to performance-based tests.

Scheduling assessments and sending emails in Questionmark platform

Schedule management and email alerts

With our email alerts and intuitive scheduling management system, the test taker experience for managing exams is seamless.

No delays, no difficult UI, just an easy-to-use interface so test takers can spend less time organizing their exams and more time studying for them.

Flexible authoring and organising content

A wide variety of question and assessment formats

From fixed-form tests to randomized assessments by topic, proving knowledge and skills has never been simpler with our rich question types and varied testing methods.

And if you’re looking to measure more hands-on abilities, we can help you with that too. Whether it’s delivering authentic lab environments for IT assessments with performance-based testing, or continuous lab assessments with observational assessments, our range of formats means that no matter what you want to measure, we have a test style for you.

Skillable Performance Based Testing

Performance-based Testing

Assess in an authentic, efficient and valid way via practical tests within lab environments with our performance-based testing. 

Perfect for IT & software assessments, and in conjunction with other test formats, performance-based testing is the next step in authentic skill assessments.

Observational Assessment

Observational assessment

Whether it’s scoring a driving exam or assessing an employee’s competency or behaviors in high-risk environments, observational assessments are critical for accurately proving competence and safety.

Ideal for customers looking to assess practical skills, our platform can deliver the knowledge you need.


Inclusivity should never be an afterthought of assessment design, which is why we’re constantly evolving our features with fairness at their core. Text-to-Speech is the latest tool to this end and is designed to aid those who struggle with written information. This flexible feature allows candidates to hear a question spoken aloud at the click of a button. From those who have low confidence with written exams to people with reading difficulties, Text-to-Speech is an incredible aid that helps keep assessments fair and valid.

The benefits include:

  1. Improves test-taker confidence and reduces exam anxiety
  2. Ensures a test-taker’s skills and knowledge are being measured, rather than their reading comprehension
  3.  Is a fully flexible in-exam tool that’s designed to be user-friendly and intuitive
  4. Helps a test taker’s wider learning by combining both written and spoken information for maximum knowledge retention
Questionmark assessments are highly secure

Safeguard against cheating

You can’t gather reliable or valid results from assessments that aren’t secure. It’s why we have a whole host of features including proctoring solutions and our secure locked-down browser to provide you with results you can trust.

Translating tests into multiple languages

Translation management

Easily manage your global assessment program, reach new markets and make life fairer for test takers too.

Whether it’s making tests more accessible for non-native speakers, to managing translations for content creation and delivering in 21 languages, we’re leading the way.

Printing and scanning assessments

Printing & Scanning

Our platform supports a blended delivery, so you can support your test takers wherever they take their assessment.

Simply print and scan your assessments to be taken offline then upload bubble sheets to track all the results together.

Case study


eX:plain is a foundation that is the Dutch leader in the area of vocational assessment and certification testing for both the industry and education.
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