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Questionmark Academic

Supporting learning with valid, secure, and scalable assessments

Trusted by industry-leading organizations

Assessment solutions For Education

Make the most of your curriculum and maximize success with a best-in-class assessment platform built to work in harmony with your LMS. 

Flexible Authoring

Simplify content creation with powerful, flexible, and varied authoring options.


Discover actionable insights you can trust with a range of reporting options.


Keep tests secure and your content safe with one of three flexible proctoring options.


Enrich your learning ecosystem with out-of-the-box and API integrations.

Integrating with our assessment platform

Deliver a seamless learning experience

Create a learner-first ecosystem and boost academic success by integrating the power of assessments into your existing platforms like your LMS.

Proctoring or invigilation of exams

Protecting your test integrity with proctoring

Tackle cheating with a selection of modern proctoring options and protect your course from test fraud attempts.

Flexible Authoring

Unlock limitless authoring possibilities

Create valid and reliable assessments easily using a range of rich question types, item bank tools, and varied testing methods.

Easy Reporting

Take the time out of reporting & marking

From getting into the weeds of an individual’s performance to the big picture of your program’s overall success, make the most of a range of reporting options that save time and serve you actionable insights.

Setting access controls in Questionmark platform

Manage your permissions and scale with ease

Deliver exams worldwide with ease and manage the day-to-day with intuitive permissions and access management to keep your faculties apart and your assessments secure.

Why use Questionmark?

Trusted by the largest organizations in the world, it’s secure, inclusive and flexible, which makes it the best solution for proctored exams, certification, and global learning programs.​

We're innovative

We’re always evolving to give you the latest and best assessment tools – and winning awards along the way!

We're experts

We’re a team that’s obsessed with assessments, and we’ll go the extra mile to help you.

We're secure

Trusted by governments around the world, you can be confident in our ability to deliver assessments and store data safely.

We're collaborative

Whether its guiding you through the onboarding experience, or integrating with LMS, we’ll work together on it.

Case study

University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria (UP) is one of Africa’s top universities and the largest contact university in South Africa.

Boost academic success

Make the most of your curriculum. Discover how Questionmark Academic can help you:

  • 1
    Build a learner-first ecosystem
  • 2
    Make reporting & marking faster
  • 3
    Create any exam or test required
  • 4
    Protect your test integrity
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