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Dynamic question options to align with your needs

Craft assessments that match your unique needs using flexible and modern features that engage learners and elevate the learning experience.

Question types

From multiple-choice questions to essay prompts, we support a wide range of question types. See them in action.

Incorporate multimedia

Seamlessly integrate multimedia elements into your assessment questions. Explore an example.

Block by block assessments

Create assessments with a unique approach. Present content in blocks, one at a time. The timer starts only after instructions, offering a fair testing experience. Have a look.

Jump block-based assessment

Create assessments with dynamic pathways. Offer choices or response selection that leads to the intended sections. See it in action.

Periodic table and calculator integration

Enhance assessments with links to the periodic table and an integrated calculator built into our question navigator. Check it out.

Add automatic feedback and more to assessments

From in-depth and instant feedback to providing your learners with additional learning resources to take their learning to the next level, you can create assessments that go the extra mile. 

Comprehensive feedback

Provide in-depth insights and feedback within your assessments, including topic descriptions, scores, outcomes and topic-based feedback. Explore an example.

Topic & subtopic-based scoring

Tailor your assessments to show topic and subtopic-based scores. Integrate “feedback with a link” to direct learners to additional resources or materials. Have a look.

Feedback after each question

Opt for immediate feedback after each question, fostering continuous learning and improvement. Try it out.

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Corporate Training & Compliance


With the capacity to handle high-volume exams across a variety of secure testing environments, our platform has been engineered for striking the right balance between test security and candidate accessibility required for leading certification programs.


We are trusted by over 80 government and military agencies around the world to power their assessment operations. We’re ISO 27001 certified and FedRAMP approved, making us the most secure choice.


Our platform gives universities and colleges the solution they need to keep exams going. From proctoring to authoring assessment content and scheduling, the entire process is easy to manage.

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