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From best-practice training to deep-diving into assessment themes, our webinars are a chance to deepen your understanding, and learn some helpful tips along the way.

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Introduction to Questionmark’s Assessment Platform

Learn the basics of authoring, delivering and reporting on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams using Questionmark’s assessment platform.
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Tuesday Training with the Techs: Be the Captain – Steps and Best Practices for Piloting Your Assessments

Discover the tools, methodologies, best practices and steps you need to create a successful pilot of your assessment.
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AI and Assessments: Positive Disruption

See a demo of Learnosity’s soon-to-be released AI-enabled authoring tool.
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Item Analysis for Beginners

EVP John Kleeman explains the basics of item analysis and how to use the item analysis report in Questionmark.
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Tuesday Training with the Techs: Formative Assessments – The Feedback Formula for Success

This Tuesday Training with the Techs session is all about using formative assessments, to measure a learner’s level of knowledge and skills.
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Observational Assessments – What are they, why, and when should you consider using them?

Our consulting partner, Jim Parry, Owner and Chief Executive Manager of Compass Consultants, LLC, delves into the world of observational assessments.
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Tuesday Training with the Techs: Proctoring Pathways – Knowing Your Options

Join our trainers as they discuss Live Online Proctoring and perform live demos of our Onsite Proctoring and Record and Review Proctoring types.
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The Proof’s in the Performance: When to Consider a Hands-on Approach to Skills Validation

Performance Testing delivered via virtual labs offer new opportunities to validate the technical skills of job and certification candidates.
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Questionmark 2023 Q1 Feature Release Briefing

An in-depth look at key new features that will ensure you are delivering valid and reliable assessments.