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AI and Assessments: Positive Disruption

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With the mass adoption of AI technology and LLMs like ChatGPT,  the assessment landscape has changed forever. From speeding up test authoring to improving the quality and inclusivity of assessments, AI might be the shake up the assessment world has been waiting for.

Join Questionmark EVP and Founder, John Kleeman, as he discusses the new landscape of AI-enabled assessments and the many opportunities it offers as well as the legitimate concerns it raises. 

To finish, SVP of Product, Michael Sharman, will take you on a demo of what’s possible in the future, showcasing Learnosity’s AI-enabled authoring tool, showing its intuitive UI and how it can be used to speed up the efficacy of test authoring.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The changing landscape of assessments in a post-AI world
  • The opportunities and challenges of AI in assessment
  • The real-world applications of AI in assessments
  • Why AI is a positive disruptor 
  • A demo of the Learnosity AI-enabled authoring tool

Watch our webinar recording to discover the game-changing opportunities of AI within assessments.

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