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Questionmark for Hiring

Using assessments through the hiring process and beyond

Using assessments to demonstrate knowledge and skills

Key features of hiring assessments

From creating comprehensive pre-employment assessments to developing further training post hire, we have the tools to make hiring easy.

Using assessments to prove your knowledge and skills

Test skills, knowledge and attitudes

Whether it’s measuring on-the-job skills with Observational Assessments, IT skills with Performance-based testing or measuring security policy knowledge with multiple choice tests, we have a wide range of assessment formats to make hiring a comprehensive and easy process.

Using assessments to improve learning

Beyond role-filling

Finding the right person for your team is just the first step to success. With our assessment platform, not only can you identify further training needs for the future, but also discover who has untapped potential.

Harmonious integrations for better hiring

With out of the box industry-aligned standards for integrations, as well as a suite of APIs to allow you to build it your way, we’ve got everything you need and more – and a team of solution experts to help guide the way.

Assessments through the hiring process

Reduce Risk

Hiring is tricky, especially in the age of mainstream remote working. How can you be certain someone is a good fit for the team? Are you confident that their skills are up to scratch? And how can you be sure their values match that of your organization?  Take the risk out of hiring with an employment assessment test today.


Delivering assessments across multiple devices

Hiring in a remote world

Whether its navigating managing a remote team or handling the recruitment process from your home office, we have the tools and knowledge to make sure working from home doesn’t work against you.

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