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Questionmark for Workday

Power L&D success with Workday Learning and Questionmark assessments
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Using APIs to integrate with our assessment platform

Boost Workday with the power of assessments

Assessments boost L&D outcomes by providing actionable and in-depth insights for more informed decision making.

By combining the power of the Workday Learning LMS with Questionmark’s innovative assessment platform, you can seamlessly embed learning into your learners’ workflow and open the doors to invaluable reports, assessment delivery options, and tools.

Elevated reporting

Securely and seamlessly take Questionmark assessment results data and make it easily and securely accessible within Workday Learning for powerful reporting capabilities and real-time data insights.

Observational Assessment

Context-rich skills measurement

Test beyond knowledge and accurately capture how individuals apply their skills in an authentic work setting with observational assessments. Used for critical OSHA exams, Pharmaceutical Rep tests, customer service analysis and so much more, observational assessments prove employee competency and give a context-rich understanding of performance.

The latest tech and tools

From proctoring solutions, translation tools or item bank management and creation, integrating our assessment platform with your Workday Learning environment gives you access to the entire Questionmark suite of tools. Discover everything you need to create a successful testing and credentialing program.

A streamlined experience

Create a cohesive learning environment for learners by aggregating your learning material and assessments in one central location and embed learning into your workflows. Launch assessments straight from the Workday Learning environment and dive into data for actionable insights. 

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Integrate with ease

Discover how to launch assessments from Workday Learning in a few simple steps.


Workday & Questionmark: Accelerating Together

Learn how your Workday Learning clients can benefit from Questionmark’s powerful question and assessment authoring, delivery and reporting features.

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If you’re looking to drive more value from Workday Learning and boost L&D success, then talk to us. We’d love to give you a personalized demonstration of how seamlessly Questionmark assessments fold into your Workday Learning environment to deliver data-driven insights.

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