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Elevating Training with Workday Learning and Questionmark

How a leading insurance organization improved the learner journey with Workday & Questionmark
Workday Learning + Questionmark

Case highlights

  • Allowed a leading insurance company to elevate the learning experience with the Workday Learning & Questionmark integration
  • Improved reporting capabilities and gave the customer full access to the entire suite of Questionmark tools and features
  • Was a seamless integration process with the help of the Questionmark solutions team

Tools used


A leading insurance firm approached Questionmark in July of 2021 in order to assist them with general post-course knowledge checks and assessments. With the nature of the insurance sector needing a simple and comprehensive means of meeting compliance requirements, as well as ensuring their training was delivering ROI, the move to Questionmark was a logical one and the first step towards what has become a more enriched and integrated workflow.

In the last six months, the initial support expanded beyond course knowledge and checks to also include surveys as the customer’s internal teams began to realize the potential of Questionmark’s flexible platform.

An Integrated Solution

“Implementation was easy, the project team was very helpful throughout the entire process!”


One of the main allures of the Questionmark platform for the customer was its integration with Workday Learning. For the customer, this allowed them to move from their old LMS repository and benefit instead from the ability to embed learning seamlessly into the employee lifecycle with personalized, flexible, and curated learning material. Not only did this open up even more of the Questionmark platform for the customer, with all its tools, reports, and features, but it was also an easy integration process via the AICC and SCORM files—supported by the Questionmark solutions team.

The benefits of the Workday Learning & Questionmark integration  

The full benefits of the Workday Learning & Questionmark integration are: 

  • When integrated with Questionmark, Workday Learning customers can benefit from powerful assessment authoring, secure delivery options, and robust reporting features
  • Questionmark assessments can be launched straight from the Workday Learning environment making for a seamless learner experience
  • The People Sync for Workday integration is a configurable and automated data sync that provides significant value and insight for a more detailed analysis of your results
  • With the addition of Questionmark, Workday Learning customers can enjoy all the benefits that come with comprehensive assessments, including remaining compliant, identifying skill gaps, ensuring health and safety competence—and much more.


By adopting the Workday Learning & Questionmark integration, the customer was able to:

  • Simplify and improve the learner experience by having an all-in-one learning solution
  • Improve reporting capabilities 
  • Create audit trails and meet regulatory requirements more easily 
  • Make use of the entire suite of Questionmark’s online platform tools and services
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