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Questionmark for Compliance and Regulation

Demonstrate compliance with confidence and satisfy regulatory requirements with leading assessment technology

Attempts to cheat are rare, but we have identified irregularities using Questionmark

Rob Boardman
Head of Learning Experience, 3B Training
Using assessments to prove your knowledge and skills

Satisfy regulatory requirements

Each industry comes with its own unique regulations and companies who fail to meet them can face anything from eye-watering fines, health and safety disasters and even security breaches.

From observational assessments to measure health and safety competence to multiple choice assessments to ensure security processes are understood, we have a range of online assessments to test compliance and regulation securely and accurately.

Analyzing assessments

Prove compliance confidently

We know that the challenge of satisfying regulatory requirements goes far beyond creating thorough assessment programs— you have to prove it’s working too.

When it comes to proving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of teams, we’ve developed a host of intuitive reports to take the hard work out proving compliance, leaving you with more time to focus on the things that really matter.

Observational Assessment

Industry-specific support

From finance, pharmaceutical, aviation and utilities like the oil and gas industry, we know each sector has it’s own unique needs. With over 30 years of experience in keeping high-stakes industries compliant and with a suite of tools and assessment formats designed with that in mind, your compliance concerns are in safe hands.

Questionmark is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant

Designed with security at the core

Data breaches are a constant threat which is why we are ISO27001 certified and keep up with GDPR requirements. Keep your certifications secure and join 600+ customers worldwide who trust us with their business-critical data.

Questionmark assessments are highly secure

Protect your data

Cybersecurity is part of the online landscape and with your business-critical data on the line, keeping your workforce up-to-date with IT security measures has never been more vital.

We understand the value of keeping your workforce compliant, which is why we offer a wide range of rich assessment formats and features to help your business stay abreast of the changing digital landscape.

With our expertise and frequent assessments at every stage of training, you can greatly reduce risk and keep your data safe.

Observational Assessment

Protect your people

Keeping your workforce and customers safe is a priority and while the stakes are high, the solutions are simple.

With a wide range of online assessment formats at your disposal, including observational assessment, we can help you test job competency better than anything else, ensuring safety every step of the way.

Case study

Southwest Gas Company

More than 50,000 tests a year to ensure that employees and contractors meet the right technical and safety standards.

Two construction workers observe a site wearing PPE

Did They Learn It? Can They Do It? Can You Prove It?

This webinar will discuss strategies for developing valid and reliable assessments to provide stakeholders with results for informed decision-making.

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