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Using online assessments to train on-field sales teams and help to increase security while simplifying the process.
Creating questions


AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical laboratory.  Questionmark is used in the department of capabilities development and to train on-field sales teams.

Before implementing Questionmark, AstraZeneca used paper assessments or CD-ROMs.  The businesses faced several challenges around security, complexity and extra work as a result.

Using Questionmark, AstraZeneca wanted to increase the security of assessments, lighten the workload and simplify the process.

Assessing scientific knowledge of on-field sales teams was the priority.


AstraZeneca chose Questionmark because of the simplicity of the system, the range of choice of different question types, surveys and the reporting capabilities.

It is now delivering a range of assessments including pre, during, and post-training tests, surveys and quizzes to all employees.

AstraZeneca uses multiple choice and multiple response questions, “simple” assessments that are required for employee validation, with an email set up to be sent out according to the result. With regards to reporting, the business uses nearly all the reporting types as a default necessity (especially the ASCII report that allows them to extract the raw data in a CSV file).


The goals set out at deployment a few years ago have all been achieved.

This software is very well integrated into our training tool. A reliable and solid assessment system that allows us, every year, to train our employees and meet internal and external demands. The improvements brought, over the years (e.g. fully online, SSO connection etc.), have allowed us to deploy a very simple use, both for participants and administrators

Delphine Léveillé


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