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Questionmark for Professional Services

Helping professional organizations remain compliant, develop their staff, and gain data-driven insights into their businesses

Questionmark is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant

Prove compliance with confidence

From eye-watering fines, health and safety disasters, and even security breaches on the line, it’s little wonder that every organization is looking for foolproof ways to meet regulatory compliance requirements. With our online assessment platform to hand, you can do just that—and it’s quicker and easier than ever before.

From our wide range of reports to help you demonstrate regulatory competence within your team to creating clear audit trails of compliance training, we can support you no matter what your industry or business is to ensure your organization is where it needs to be to satisfy regulators.

Questionmark assessments are highly secure

Tackle test fraud and cheating

The prevalence of test cheating across all industries is at an all-time high, and with the legal ramifications of these acts being severe once discovered, it’s critical that organizations make test fraud prevention an essential element of their assessment strategy.  

At Questionmark, not only do we provide tools like proctoring solutions and additional security features, (including partnerships with industry leaders like Caveon) to help you safeguard your assessments, but we also provide resources like our Comprehensive Test Fraud Checklist for Businesses too. 

For more information on test cheating and why it’s a critical concern that many organizations aren’t talking about enough, read our latest report, The Test Fraud Fallacy, and discover why test fraud may well be happening right on your doorstep —and what you can do about it. 

Using assessments to prove your knowledge and skills

Roll out internal certifications with ease

Taking your certification programs global in an efficient and comprehensive manner isn’t easy, but with our online assessment platform and wealth of experience across numerous industries, it’s simpler than you think. Deliver your certification assessments at scale, anywhere in the world with best-in-class tools that offer translation features, digital badging options and total security. 

Assessments through the hiring process

Take the headache out of hiring

Each organization is looking for the perfect hire and to find them you need tailor-made assessments. From creating comprehensive screening assessments to developing further training posthire, we have the tools to make hiring easy no matter what business you’re in. Go beyond mere role filling and find the ideal candidate both internally and externally to make your team a success. 

Reporting on assessments

Identify core skills

In a world that’s constantly facing skills gaps and demanding organizations adapt to succeed, it’s never been more crucial to identify skill shortages or talent opportunities within your organization. Thankfully, this doesn’t need to be an arduous task with our range of assessments. Whether you want to author, deliver and analyze a bespoke assessment from our easy to use assessment platform, or you want to make use of our excellent ready-made tests, including our Data Literacy assessment, we can support you in discovering what skills are lacking, what talent is being used and what next steps are needed to get the most from your workforce.  

Integrations for a seamless experience

Whether it’s integrating with your LMS or making digital badging a seamless aspect of your assessment process with Credly, we have multiple outofthebox industry aligned standards for integrations, as well as a suite of APIs to allow you to build your learning ecosystem your way.

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