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Advanced assessments

Powerful assessment creation built for the future
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Discover a powerful, intuitive and flexible assessment authoring and delivery experience fueled by Learnosity’s gold-standard technology

Enjoy a world of options

Create and customize exams with a whole host of media-rich question options and flexible delivery methods. Elevate the assessment experience by adding images, files, videos, graphs, audio clips, and so much more for next-level assessment design built for the future.

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Bring exams to life with real-world stakes

Deliver assessments that closely mirror real-world challenges for authentic skills and knowledge testing. From essential OSHA exams, Nursing NCLEX assessments, and certifications for IT professionals, Advanced Assessments take the hard work out of skills-based testing. 


Observational Assessment

Discover advanced Observational Assessments

The advanced Observational Assessment tool provides more flexibility to users than ever before. With a better mobile experience and the ability to record Observational Assessments for review and scoring later down the line by an assessment expert, the ability to assess on-the-job training just got easier.


Advanced Assessment Accessibility

Experience a modern & accessible UI

Discover a rich selection of in-built accessibility accommodations with Advancement Advancements’ enhanced UI that ensures users get the very best experience while removing the need for additional tools or workarounds.

Advanced assessments - AI Opportunities

Benefit from more AI opportunities

The doors are now wide open for AI tools to support organizations in delivering the very best assessments quicker than ever before. Watch this space!

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