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Assessments Just Got Advanced

30 Jan 2024

Creating quality assessments that truly measure the skills and knowledge of the people taking them is critical for success. For organizations, accurate and accessible assessments allow for more informed decision-making and helps ensure they remain compliant, competent, and competitive.

To do this well means going beyond assessment basics and embracing modern solutions. To that end, much of our focus in the last few months has been comprehensively weaving in more of Learnosity’s cutting-edge technology into the Questionmark platform. And the latest development is a big step in that direction.

Advanced Assessments

Fueled by Learnosity’s gold-standard assessment engine, Advanced Assessments offers the latest evolution of Questionmark’s assessment solution, providing users with a powerful assessment creation and delivery experience bolstered by media-rich and dynamic question options.

Powerful, intuitive, accessible, and flexible, Advanced Assessments give you the tools to assess almost any competency, at any level, in any way.

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Advanced Assessments: What you need to know

Advanced Assessments are the pinnacle in assessment customization and flexibility. For organizations, this means there’s huge scope to create and deliver almost any exam or assessment for any industry. And for test takers, there’s a more modern and engaging assessment experience that’s responsive and built for the future of testing.

In short, with Advanced Assessments, you can:

  • Deliver industry-specific and scenario-based exams to a high standard with media-rich and dynamic question format options
  • Upload almost any supporting file and media type to your assessments for tailored questions that align with your industry and organization. 
  • Deliver advanced Observational Assessments with more functionality and flexibility.
  • Enjoy a modern user interface with baked-in accessibility features to ensure the very best experience for all users.
  • Expect more future-facing platform updates, including AI-assisted tools.
  • Get a test-taker perspective and check the assessment design by previewing questions and testing them all from the item creation window.
  • Assess softer skills easily with video and audio item options.
  • Easily create multi-question options with more complex layouts
  • Enjoy responsive item and assessment designs that can accommodate varying desktop and mobile screen sizes.

How Advanced Assessments solve modern assessment challenges

The landscape of learning and education has changed dramatically over the decades, and the challenge of delivering assessments that are reflective of the skills and knowledge of today’s world has never been in higher demand.

With Advanced Assessments, however, these challenges can be reduced by providing organizations with an intuitive interface and a wide range of customization options, while test-takers benefit from a more enriched, relevant, and accessible exam experience.

Challenge 1: Delivering a modern & accessible experience

Advanced Assessments - Accessibility

In an increasingly busy world where time is short and demands are endless, assessment authors expect an intuitive and modern user interface that doesn’t hinder them in the real work of creating and delivering high-quality assessments. Even more critical, however, is the expectation of a fair-by-design assessment environment for learners.

In answer to this, the new UI of Advanced Assessments comes with a simple and instinctive interface and baked-in accessibility accommodations to ensure all users get the very best experience without needing additional tools or workarounds.

Challenge 2: Providing a range of question creation & delivery options

The range of assessments needed globally, from corporations to academic institutions, is unsurprisingly varied. With each industry requiring different levels of security, accuracy, and flexibility, it’s understandable that providing a comprehensive solution can be challenging. The disconnect between what’s needed and what’s possible often causes a bottleneck and forces exam authors into creating workarounds or switching between platforms to meet their needs.

Advanced Assessments - Authoring & Delivery

Now, with Advanced Assessments, authors can accelerate success using a host of question options that allow them to upload images, videos, audio clips, and so much more.

Plus, with flexible delivery formats like advanced Observational Assessments and advanced case study questions, the potential to deliver assessments that closely mimic real-world challenges is now easily at hand.

Challenge 3: Making scenario-based assessments possible

The demand for scenario-based assessments is a constant one, and not surprising given their high value in measuring knowledge application and competency across multiple industries. 

While knowledge recall is very useful in some settings, it’s often imperative to validly measure how well an individual can assimilate and execute knowledge in a lifelike situation—especially within high-stakes environments. Assessing skills involving health and safety or legal risks, for example, can be extremely difficult and requires the ability to create assessments that reflect on-the-job challenges, often necessary for regulatory compliance needs. 

Now, with all-new question formats and flexible delivery options, Advanced Assessments provides the essential tools to create and deliver advanced industry exams that better mirror real-world challenges, including situation-based NCLEX exams for nursing students, essential OSHA exams for oil and gas workers, and certifications for IT professionals.

Challenge 4: Delivering advanced Observational Assessments 

Observational Assessments

Observational Assessments can be invaluable for many organizations and industries—particularly when evaluating roles that involve practical tasks or interpersonal skills.

Unlike traditional assessments that rely on self-reporting or standardized tests, they provide an on-the-job and context-rich understanding of employee performance and behavior, giving organizations a window into how individuals apply their skills and knowledge in authentic work settings.

As a test format, they’re excellent and widely used, but the challenge comes with providing an Observational Assessment that’s flexible to use, media-rich, and responsive.

With Advanced Assessment technology at its core, however, the next generation of Observational Assessments allows organizations to include recordings and images of test-takers completing tasks rather than only ticking a box. Not only does this make it easy to manage reporting and scoring, but it also allows customers to opt to have a non-assessor observe and record test-takers. In doing so, recordings can be sent for official review by an assessment professional at a later date and provide organizations with much more flexibility than before.

With a great mobile experience and more flexible and time-saving options, Observational Assessments are now customizable and better able to capture on-the-job skills.

Challenge 5: Paving the way for an AI-assisted future

The EdTech grapevine is awash with excitement surrounding the capabilities of AI and with good reason. Handled correctly, AI is an ideal aid to human efforts, especially for time and resource-poor L&D professionals.

Advanced assessments - AI Opportunities

Now, with Learnosity’s technology powering the Questionmark platform, the doors are wide open for more AI tools to better support organizations in delivering the very best assessments quicker than ever before, and all without compromising on quality.

Watch this space!

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Interested in how Advanced Assessments can enrich your exam authoring & delivery?

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