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Questionmark for the Oil and Gas Industry

Ensuring energy companies remain safe, compliant and efficient with assessments

Observational Assessment

Elevate safety training with assessments

Whether it’s site-specific or general risk assessments that are required, we know the value of having a hands-on, recorded, and mobile-friendly method of assessing employee competence when carrying out high-risk tasks. Discover how you can certify high-competency skills with confidence in a simple, secure, and situational way with our observational assessment format that tests beyond theory to provide you with an accurate and authentic measure of an employee’s on-the-job skills.

Report on your assessment program

Discover reporting tools to measure and audit with ease

Creating audit trails, demonstrating compliance, and measuring employee progress is vital for the success of energy companies, which is why we’ve created a whole host of reports to make for a painless process you can rely on.  

Discover the Coaching Report for an easy method of giving feedback to your employees on their training progress, or make the most of our range of Analytics Reports that can provide insights on anything from how well a group of employees is performing overall to how successful your assessments are over time. No matter what you need to measure or prove, we have a report to help you make more data-driven decisions efficiently and accurately.

Translating tests into multiple languages

Scale easily with translation tools

We know that energy is a global affair, with multiple sites being worked on by numerous individuals. Of course, with global operations can come language challenges, and when the stakes are high, these can be particularly problematic.

We can help. We’ve made translations simple to ensure that your critical assessments — including those for regulatory compliance and safety purposes— aren’t held back by language barriers. Discover our translation solutions from our TMS system to the award-winning Instant Translate tool and take your organization to the next level easily.

Do everything in one place with integrations

We deliver everything you need for superior assessments that test knowledge, skills, and attitudes. For everything else, including LMS providers like Workday Learning, digital badges, proctoring solutions and more, we have an array of integrations, partnerships, and APIs built for simplicity. Create an entire learning ecosystem designed to meet your needs and discover the ease of an all-in-one place for learning and assessments.

Using assessments to prove your knowledge and skills

Tackle test fraud and cheating

The prevalence of test cheating across all industries is at an all-time high. With the consequences of test fraud being well documented and ranging from eye-watering fines to devastating health and safety incidents, organizations must make test fraud prevention an essential element of their assessment strategy.

Download our recent report where we pull back the curtain on health and safety training in the oil and gas industry and discover how test fraud might be one of the most concerning challenges in the sector to date—and what you can do about it.

Questionmark assessments are highly secure

Security you can rely on

Whether you’re an oil rig, refinery, drilling company or something else entirely, protecting your data is our top priority which is why we’ve ensured our platform has baked-in security and a no-compromise approach to keeping your information secure.  

Not only is Questionmark ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant, but our infrastructure is designed with a multi-layered approach to security including physical safeguards, access control, environmental management, firewall protection, and an uninterruptible power supply.

Case study

Southwest Gas Company

More than 50,000 tests a year to ensure that employees and contractors meet the right technical and safety standards.

Two construction workers observe a site wearing PPE

Observational Assessments – What are they, why, and when should you consider using them?

Our consulting partner, Jim Parry, Owner and Chief Executive Manager of Compass Consultants, LLC, delves into the world of observational assessments.

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