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Reach new markets with translations

Easily manage your global assessment program, reach into new markets and make life fairer for test takers too.
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Innovative award-winning translations

Whether it’s making tests more accessible for non-native speakers, to managing translations for content creation and delivering in 22 languages, we’re leading the way.

Using the Instant Translate tool to highlight and translate text

Instant Translate

Instant Translate is the in-assessment translation tool for non-native speakers.

Winner of the 2022 ITCC Innovation Award, Instant Translate is a revolutionary new approach to assessment translations that allows test-takers to highlight any text they want to see in their chosen language and get an instantaneous translation right on screen.

Able to support 22 languages and flexible to use, Instant Translate is paving the way for more inclusive assessments that places the power in the test-taker’s hands.

Translating assessments into multiple languages

Translation management system

With our Translation Management System, we’ve made it easier than ever before to deliver fully translated assessments globally.

Built for speed and simplicity, our translation system allows you to author, deliver and schedule a translated assessment in multiple languages once, and then easily gather all the results together.

This means if you need the same assessment supported in English, Spanish and French, you can do so easily while also being able to analyze the results in a single data set.

Experiencing an assessment in another language

A translated user experience

Whether it’s the intuitive interface of Instant Translate or our full translation capabilities, all our tools are designed with both you and the test-taker in mind.

Flexible, user-friendly and full of time-saving design features, we go the extra mile to ensure your translation needs are not only met but surpassed, ensuring inclusivity for all.


Inclusivity and Equity in Testing: Enabling Multilingual Assessments

This session looks at the importance and business need for multilingual assessments.

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