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Workday & Questionmark: Accelerating Together

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This webinar is intended for Workday Learning advisory and service partners but also open to others interested in the Workday/Questionmark integration.

Help clients drive business impact and harness the power of Workday with the seamless integration between Workday Learning and Questionmark’s assessment platform.

Workday Learning advisory and service partners have the challenge of helping organizations unlock the value of their employees and assets. How does Questionmark fit into the mix? By enabling organizations to get valuable information about their workforce so they can make better people decisions, improve performance and enhance employee experience.

Questionmark‘s assessment platform enables HR and learning professionals to leverage Questionmark’s broad range of collaborative authoring, secure delivery and in-depth psychometric reporting capabilities that ensure valid and reliable pre- and post-hire assessment for sound and defensible personnel decisions.

Learn how your Workday Learning clients can benefit from Questionmark’s powerful question and assessment authoring, delivery and reporting features. This webinar covers the following:

  • Introduction to Questionmark
  • Overview of the Workday Learning and Questionmark partnership
  • Why assessments matter
  • Customer use cases
  • Product integration, key differentiators and the Questionmark solution

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