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Ensuring crucial exams can be delivered anywhere with total security
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Transform your learning ecosystem

From proctoring to authoring assessment content, our platform makes the entire process easy to manage and provides universities and colleges with the crucial tools needed for successful learning outcomes

Proctoring or invigilation of exams

Protecting your test integrity with proctoring

To keep your content safe you need a holistic approach to test security. Our platform provides a diverse set of tools including four flexible approaches to proctoring, coupled with industry leading security.

Using assessments to prove your knowledge and skills

Test skills, knowledge and attitudes comprehensively

From fixed-form tests to randomized assessments by topic, proving knowledge and skills has never been simpler with our rich question types and varied testing methods.

And if you’re looking to measure more hands-on abilities, we can help you with that too. Whether it’s delivering authentic lab environments for IT assessments with Performance-based testing, or continuous lab assessments with Observational Assessments, our range of formats means that no matter what you want to measure, we have a test style for you.

Questionmark assessments are highly secure

ISO 27001 certified & GDPR compliant

We provide a secure system that protects the integrity of your high-stakes exams and ensures you have access to results you can trust. From locked-down browsers, the latest security certifications and an array of proctoring solutions, your exams are in safe hands.

Built for seamless integrations


Our platform works in harmony with your LMS platform to create a seamless user experience.

From standards-based integrations like LTI, APIs that allow Student Information Systems (SIS) integrations, as well as integrations with industry leading compaiines like Credly and Examity, our range of integrations form a seamless part of your learning ecosystem.

Questionmark assessments are highly secure

Making assessment management simple

From managing permissions and access to keeping your faculties apart and your assessments secure, we have the tools and expertise you need.

What’s more, we make authoring, scheduling, and delivering  assessments simple, with a ‘create once, deliver anywhere’ approach.

Creating assessments to be delivered globally

Scalable and flexible

With our online assessment platform, delivering exams worldwide and securely has never been simpler. Perfect for expanding into new markets and ideal for meeting the increasing desire for flexible learning, our online assessments provide learning excellence anywhere and anytime without compromise.

Analyzing assessments

Assessment results you can trust

If you’re looking to pick out poor-performing test questions, identify knowledge gaps, or demonstrate return on investment for your learning program, we have a report for you.


Making Scores Meaningful: The Role of Standards

This webinar from Questionmark’s in-house psychometrician explores some key concepts in understanding assessment practices.

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