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eX:plain is a foundation that is the Dutch leader in the area of vocational assessment and certification testing for both the industry and education.


Working with Questionmark enables certification body eX:plain to deliver over 300,000 digital assessments a year, ensuring that candidates get the modern skills they need for the workplace. The variety of question formats and features enable them to provide a diverse range of assessments.


eX:plain is a Dutch certification body which started (by its predecessor) in 2002 using Questionmark. It certifies vocational training across security, finance and health. Candidates include people already in work and students looking to enter the relevant field. In both cases, the certifications give employers and customers confidence that successful candidates have the modern skills they need to do the job well.

Given its volume of assessments, eX:plain needs the efficiency of computer-based testing. eX:plain’s team needs an assessment platform that can store over 1,000 questions. Crucially, they need a partner that can cater for a range of question types and formats.


By working with Questionmark eX:plain has fully digitalized its testing process.

It can quickly deliver a diverse range of assessments using videos, graphics and animations as well as a variety of question types.

The process is quick and efficient. The Questionmark platform instantly marks papers and compiles results. The reporting tool makes it easy to analyze those results.

It is agile. Questionmark’s wide range of functionality helps eX:plain adjust quickly to new scenarios. The item bank function makes it easy to store questions and use them for future assessments.

The results

  • eX:plain is delivering over 300,000 tests a year through Questionmark
  • Tests are available 24/7, increasing the potential reach of the certification program
  • Thousands of candidates are tested at the same time, making the program more efficient
  • eX:plain gets a higher return on investment given the scale and efficiency

“Questionmark is a stable and secure platform which we can trust to make our assessment program effective and efficient. It has enabled us to fully digitalize our testing process and reach new customers. With Questionmark we can deliver high-quality, valid and reliable tests at scale.”

Fred Diepeveen, manager IT of eX:plain

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