Public sector and government

Safely delivering assessments and certifications within the public sector

Public sector organizations need to assess and certify staff, but security concerns limit software choices.

Government and public sector workers need to adapt to a changing environment, to cover new tasks and satisfy stringent regulations. But with organizations typically suffering 145 security breaches a year, first-class software options are limited.

Many online training and assessment tools do not satisfy strict security protocols and are unavailable to the public sector.

Our assessment platform and services help public sector organizations meet these challenges:

FedRAMP authorized:

Approved to deliver cloud-based assessments for the US government and military organizations

Trust and safety:

Public sector organizations around the world can have faith in our platform’s security

Test competency:

Assess skills shortages among staff, implement training and take appropriate action

Learning and development

Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, yet represent just 10% of the federal technology workforce.

With an increasingly digital working environment, public sector organizations need to help increasing numbers in their workforce adapt to new technologies.

Public sector learning and development teams need programs to address skills shortages. We provide a flexible and easy to use platform to meet these needs.


US Government spending on compliance reached $7.5bn over the last ten years.

Public sector organizations are under increasing scrutiny. In such a high-stakes environment, organizations need workforces that meet regulatory requirements. Regulatory and certification programs help deliver and reinforce the culture change required.

Valid, reliable and fair assessments, which are also defensible, can help create the right culture. Our platform and services can help public sector organizations meet compliance requirements.

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