Pharmaceutical workplace assessments

Secure the skills for a changing world

The pharmaceutical world is changing. New, specialist drugs are rapidly coming to market. Established brands are losing exclusivity with patent cliffs looming. To maintain a competitive edge, companies need the modern skills that empower them to adapt and innovate.

But are employers confident that their staff have the skills to keep up? Is the working culture agile enough for the flexibility that drives innovation? Do sales teams have the aptitude to digest and retain complicated information? Are training programs working?

Assessing workers reveals what crucial modern skills are missing across teams and business functions. It can show whether training is working. Assessing candidates before making the decisions to hire identifies which potential recruits can hit the ground running.

Learn about making better-informed people-decisions to improve competitiveness in our white paper.

Learn about building a successful pharmaceutical sales force in our white paper.

Transform people decision making

Satisfy regulators and meet compliance requirements

With staff certification and compliance programs.

Create a culture of compliance

Assessments can help embed a culture of compliance with employees.  

Identify areas of risk

Tests can help to identify areas of weakness or risk among teams and business functions. Appropriate action can be taken.  

Identify high potential

Tests can identify high-potential and predict who is likely to rise within the business. Questionmark Thinking Skills by Cambridge Assessment tests problem-solving and critical thinking.

Test skills pre-hire

Ensure that recruits have the skills to hit the ground running. CVs often fail to reveal a candidate’s true ability.

Recruit remotely

As face-to-face job interviews and test centers become harder to arrange, employers can get vital information while eliminating travel and observing social distancing measures.

Create onboarding plans

A clear read of a new hire’s current experiences and skills makes it easier to anticipate what training and induction will be needed.

Predict future training needs

Through understanding someone’s current abilities, employers can identify which skills will need to be developed. 

Ensure integrity of professional qualifications

A range of proctoring and security features for high-stakes assessments such as professional qualifications.

Core features

Unlimited number of test-takers

The platform can assess an unlimited number of test-takers from anywhere in the world.

Range of assessment formats

Make use of a range of assessment formats including ‘multiple choice’, ‘drag and drop’ and many more.

Instant access to results

Tests are automatically marked and results are instantly compiled. Trends and patterns are easy and quick to spot.

Item analysis

Drill-down into item statistics to help understand how effective the questions being asked are.  Available statistics include item difficulty p-value, high-low discrimination, item-total correlation discrimination, item-rest correlation discrimination and item reliability.

Create bespoke content

Create world-class assessment content to meet several different needs.

Secure testing

For high-stakes assessments that may need to be delivered remotely.

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