Managing risk and improving performance in pharma

Success in pharmaceuticals depends on a highly skilled and well-trained sales force.

Recruiting staff with the right skills can be challenging. Regular training for learning and compliance of largely remote workforces is difficult to deliver.

Monitoring staff competencies, and the corresponding risk to sales, revenue and reputation, can quickly become complicated.

Our assessment platform helps pharma businesses meet these needs:

Upskill the sales force

To support new product rollouts

Pre-assess aptitude and knowledge

By pre-screening candidates

Build a compliance-ready workforce

With robust and valid assessments

Learning and development

Nearly four-fifths of pharmaceutical companies say learning and development is important for future careers.

Upskilling staff in pharmaceutical businesses is crucial to the performance of the firm and for boosting staff retention. Learning and development teams need the latest tools to make it easier to maximize their impact.

Upskilling staff through quality assessments can increase retention and boost team performance. We make it easy for learning and development to build valid, reliable and fair assessments, which are also defensible.


Since 2000, US regulators have fined the pharma industry $38bn.

Mistakes in the pharmaceutical industry can be costly, both financially and reputationally. In such a high-stakes environment, workers need to be appropriately certified. Certification programs give customers and regulators the confidence they need for those staff to operate.

Assessments help to test compliance and analyze areas of risk or weakness. We help compliance teams ensure their organization and its workers meet requirements.

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