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Reporting and Analytics – Is My Test Working?

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Questionmark consulting partner, Jim Parry, Owner and Chief Executive Manager of Compass Consultants, LLC discusses the importance of test and test-item analysis. Proving that your test-items and tests are performing their intended function is a key step in the defensibility of your testing program. Interpreting test-taker’s results ensures the test-items are written at the expected level of performance. Understanding the results of test and test-item analysis provide a piece of mind that a wrong decision won’t be made based on erroneous test results; i.e. A test-taker who belongs in a lower group does not receive a passing score or a test-taker who belongs in the higher group does not score below the cut score. Jim will also discuss various methods of reporting in easy, understandable ways that do not scare people away with statistics, terms, and numbers.


  • The purpose of test and test-item analysis
  • Understanding commonly reported statistics
  • What to look for in test and test-item analysis
  • Various methods of reporting

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