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Did They Learn It? Can They Do It? Can You Prove It?

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Are you brand new to testing and assessments? Confused about the difference between validity and reliability? Looking for ideas on what goes into to putting together a good test? Join us for this webinar.

Most organizations use assessments as part of talent development initiatives, promotions, compliance, onboarding, or recruitment. The stakes are substantial: decisions made based on the results can impact both the reputation and financial well-being of the organization as well as the lives of its employees.

This webinar will discuss strategies for developing assessments that are both valid (they measure the right knowledge/skills/competencies) and reliable (they are consistent in that measurement) to provide stakeholders with actionable, defensible results for informed decision-making.

Join us for this one-hour webinar to learn the basics of:

  • Assessment before, during and after learning
  • Validity and reliability: Why they are important
  • Job task analysis and test blueprinting
  • Measuring “above knowledge”
  • Setting defensible pass/fail scores
  • Techniques for making tests shorter

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