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Choose proctoring to offer flexibility to test takers while guarding against cheating
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Protecting your test integrity

To keep your content safe you need a holistic approach to test security. Our platform provides a diverse set of tools including three flexible approaches to proctoring, coupled with industry leading security.

Live online proctoring

Live Online Proctoring

Keeping your certification and high stakes exams secure in a digital-first world is critical. That’s why we offer live online proctoring, integrated into our assessment experience.

We provide a remote proctor who supervises a test-taker using the webcam and audio built into the test-taker’s computer. The proctor confirms the test-taker’s identity and can pause or terminate the assessment if they see suspicious behaviour.

Record & review proctoring

Record & Review

For a solution that allows for monitoring and post-exam intervention, Record & Review proctoring provides a scalable, on-demand experience to suit your round-the-clock, round-the-globe needs.

We provide an automated system that records the exam session on video, so you can review it later. Suspicious activity (such as a second person on screen) are flagged automatically, and you’ll be prompted to review.

Onsite proctoring

Onsite Proctoring

For those who need to accommodate face-to-face assessments, we enable customers to proctor individual test-takers or a group of test-takers in-person and onsite.

Questionmark assessments are highly secure

Multi-platform secure browser

To keep your content safe, reduce cheating and ensure the validity of your assessment program you need a holistic approach to test security. Alongside the proctoring option of your choice, our multi-platform secure browser ensures test-center level security wherever your candidate may be.

Questionmark is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant

Proctoring & Privacy Best Practice

Many organizations around the world use proctoring successfully to prevent common cheating methods. Millions of test takers take advantage of the convenience of being able to take a test securely at home and in offices. Learn more about how you can respect test taker privacy and comply with data protection legislation by downloading our best practice factsheet.

How online proctoring works

In a few simple steps, candidates can book and take a proctored exam 

Using assessments to improve learning

Candidate selects their exam date

Once authorized to take the test, the candidate books an available appointment in their time zone 

Record & review proctoring

Candidate and proctor connect in the exam

On-screen prompts tell the candidate what to do, and zoom enabled real-time communication between proctor and candidate 

Using assessments to demonstrate knowledge and skills

Candidate is verified by the proctor

The proctor will check the candidate’s ID and inspect the security of the environment via the candidate’s webcam 

IT Certifications

Candidate takes secure exam

The exam goes ahead under secure exam conditions, with the proctor able to flag anomalies and stop and start the test where needed

Case study

Sanlam Personal Finance

Integration with SAP to support compliance and human capital management
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Outlining how TÜV transformed their well-established Global Certification program from a paper-and-pencil program to a fully online Certification Hub.

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Trusted by the largest organizations in the world, It’s secure, inclusive and flexible, which makes it the best solution for proctored exams, certification, and global learning programs.​

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