Building a culture of compliance

Between January and October 2020, United States banks paid out over $11billion in fines for failing to play by the rules.1

Organizations across all sectors are increasingly vulnerable to hefty penalties from data breaches.

Businesses can guard against these risks by using assessments to show their employees understand relevant regulations, policies and procedures.

This gives employers confidence that their people understand what is expected of them. The results of the assessments also serve as a compliance audit. They prove to regulators and stakeholders that the organization has taken robust steps to ensure team members understand the rules.

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Is compliance training working?

Some firms spend 10% of their revenue on getting compliance right.2 This includes training. Given the investment and the risks in getting it wrong, it is vital for employers to be confident that training is working.

By testing participants before, during and after the course, they can be confident that their people have learned the right regulations, policies and procedures.

The results of assessments can be used to demonstrate good compliance practice to regulators and stakeholders.

Ready-made assessment content

Our tests will help employers identify knowledge gaps, reduce risks, demonstrate compliance and increase customer trust.

Use case: Sanlam Personal Finance

As a financial services company, Sanlam is continuously challenged to demonstrate its compliance with regulatory requirements. It must submit detailed reports to the government to prove compliance and in many instances the competence of employees.

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