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Remote Proctoring: Everything You Need To Know

What is a Remotely Proctored Exam? Remote proctoring, often referred to as online proctoring, is a method of protecting test integrity during remote or home-based exams and safeguarding against cheating. Traditionally this was achieved by proctors (sometimes known as invigilators) patrolling exam halls and test centers and monitoring students while an exam was in progress. … Continued

The Reality of Exam Results Tampering and How to Solve It

What is exam result tampering or hacking? Tampering with results is when someone takes a test, but after they take it, the results are changed or subverted, for example, to make someone pass who should have failed. This article considers the risks and prevalence of tampering with or subverting assessment results and how to prevent … Continued

Workplace Test Cheating: A Victimless Crime? 

Questionmark’s research According to research conducted by Questionmark on US and UK businesses, test cheating is an issue keeping many people up at night.  And quite rightly too. With the consequences of test cheating extending far beyond the individual that commits the act and resulting in long-lasting damage, it’s understandable that L&D professionals have the … Continued

Conference Highlights: Taking the Measure of Testing

The Conferences The last two weeks have seen two major assessment conferences occur. I was fortunate to attend both E-ATP (the European Association of Test Publishers conference and security summit) in London and then the following week the I.C.E. Exchange (Institute of Credentialing Excellence) in Savannah, Georgia. Both conferences had very full programs (I.C.E. even had sessions starting at … Continued

A Comprehensive Test Fraud Checklist for Businesses

The Test Fraud Checklist With test fraud an ever-present threat to businesses and organizations everywhere, the need for thorough and reliable measures to protect against it is becoming increasingly necessary. Despite the consequences of test fraud being well-documented, still it seems that exam integrity and the fines that come with it are a challenge business leaders are … Continued

5 Reasons Why Test Fraud is More Serious Than Just Flunking 

The truth about workplace cheating When it comes to cheating on an exam, the sentiment often thrown around is that “you’re only cheating yourself” implying that not only is it a near-victimless action, but one that at most, might cause a twinge of moral discomfort without any real consequence.   But does that theory hold any weight … Continued

10 Ways to Deal with the Threat of Proxy Testers

Proxy test taking is when someone takes a test for someone else. This article explains the risk of proxy testers impacting test validity and suggests ten approaches to deal with it. Introduction  Proxy test taking is when someone takes a test for someone else. It is a pernicious kind of test fraud. If it is not … Continued

What is an Online Proctored Exam?

An online proctored exam is a timed assessment via an online platform in which the candidates’ desktop activity, webcam video, and audio are monitored. There are two main forms of online proctoring. In the first, proctoring software will record this data and then send it to an external proctoring service to review. In the second, a … Continued