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Our certification hub brings together the latest resources and insights on how to ensure certification programs succeed. Our agile and scalable delivery means certifiers can equip today’s workforce with the modern skills that people need to thrive. Questionmark helps organizations expand the reach and efficiency of their certification programs.

Here, we have certification program use cases, information on how to build a program and ensuring robust assessments, talking point videos covering the issues we help customers with and a range of assessment best practice resources.


SAP is a market leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, database, analytics, intelligent technologies and experience management.

Questionmark Executive Director, John Kleeman talks to Daniela Kelemen, Head of Digital Learning Operations and Support at SAP, about how we helped SAP to deliver online certification programs, update them regularly and drive commercial success. 

Deploying assessments to the cloud has sped up the speed of production, made it easier to release new SAP Global Certification exams and given participants 24/7 access to certification exams.


Podcast: Unlocking the Potential of Assessments

Ep. 6 – Sue Martin, TÜV Rheinland

Sue Martin is a pioneer in the assessment industry responsible for implementing the first test center network in Europe. Sue shares her story, advice on transforming programs and five important considerations when setting up a certification program.

Podcast: Unlocking the Potential of Assessments

Ep. 9 – Liberty Munson, Ph.D, Microsoft

Liberty Munson, Ph.D is the Senior Psychometrician for Microsoft. Liberty discusses how she got into assessments, why people stay in jobs, the value of certifications and the future of assessments. Liberty also shares her aha! moment.

Workers seek new skills in 2021

74% of workers are prepared to invest free time in skills development

Workers want up-to-date certifications and employers are prepared to invest in the career development of their staff.

As workers seek to develop their skills, many will look to earn certifications in critical business skills. Certifications in data science, cloud computing and project management are expected to be among the most popular in 2021.

Building a Certification Program in Ten Easy Steps

Certification programs are a vital way of recognizing knowledge, skills and professional expertise, but, during a time of digital transformation, how do you build a program that is sustainable and adaptable to the evolving needs of the organization, stakeholders and the market?

Explore the key steps to ensure you build a comprehensive and cohesive certification program that aligns with organizational goals and stakeholders.

Questionmark provides SUSE with one-stop-shop certification assessments

SUSE is a global leader in true open source innovation that serves over 80% of the Fortune Global 50.

Deliver robust assessments

Proctored tests are common in certification and academic exams, where the results contribute to a certificate or qualification. Proctoring (or invigilation) increases the integrity of tests and exams by making it harder for a test-taker to cheat or to copy the exam questions to pass onto others.

Proctoring Resources:

PODCAST: Unlocking the Potential of Assessments

Ep. 9 – Jim Holm, Examity

Jim Holm is the CEO of Examity, the leading solution for learning validation and test security. In this episode, Jim discusses remote proctoring, including the value, his best practice advice, the future of proctoring and his views on artificial intelligence and proctoring.

Making the switch from paper: Why the future of assessment is digital

These days, everything from bills to books are available digitally, yet many organizations still rely on stacks of paper when it comes to assessments. Explore the advantages of going digital.

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Digital Badging

Digital badges enable individuals to show verifiable evidence of their skills and achievements on their online professional profile, email footer or social media.

For credentialing organizations, digital badges are a convenient way to issue certifications to those who have completed programs and assessments.

For employers, badging provides digital credentials that recognize, reward, capitalize on and communicate achievements.

Digital credentials make it easier for organizations to recognize achievement, support learning and development and make people-related decisions.

Badging Resources

Questionmark Launches Digital Badging with Credly’s Acclaim Platform

Credly is the leading end-to-end solution for creating, issuing and managing digital credentials.

Assessment Best Practice Resources:

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