Skills tests help retailers identify and hire people who can deliver great customer care

TRUMBULL, CT USA — October 22, 2020 — Retailers know that poor customer service can impact satisfaction and reduce sales. But nearly half of retailers (42%) say there’s a lack of qualified workers[1] and many candidates lack previous industry experience. So, it is all the more important for retailers to identify those with the right skills.     

Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is encouraging retailers to gather more information about job candidates before committing to employing them. Traditional recruitment methods may be proving insufficient. Some 85% of applicants admit to lying on their resume.[2]

Online tests can help retailers identify which candidates have the skills they need to deliver excellent customer service regardless of their background or experience. They can help retailers get the information they need to make informed hiring decisions for customer-facing roles.

By employing the right people with the right skills, such tests can help retailers increase customer satisfaction and sales.

To help retailers transform customer service and boost sales, Questionmark has launched a new ready-made assessment service. “Questionmark Retail Customer Care by TestGenius®” assesses whether job candidates have the skills they need to deliver excellent customer care.

Developed by TestGenius®, an employment testing specialist with nearly 50 years of test development experience, the assessment can also help retailers:

  • reduce the number of interviews needed, saving them time and money
  • meet Covid-19 restrictions by enabling them to conduct at least one stage of recruitment remotely

John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director of Questionmark, said: “From Covid-19 to changing customer habits, traditional retailers face an existential threat. If they want to hold their own against the rise of online shopping, they need to make sure their customer-facing employees can deliver great service.

“But many job candidates come from a wide range of backgrounds with different strengths and weaknesses. Our test helps retailers ensure they can objectively assess all candidates and only hire those who will deliver excellent customer care.”  

By using video-based questions, the test mimics difficult real-life situations and more accurately measures a candidate’s performance compared to a text-only test.

This test is part of a range of new ready-made assessments from Questionmark which help employers assess the business skills of their people. The tests cover compliance, sales and marketing, and transferable skills.

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