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Questionmark now provides performance-based testing 

22 Jun 2022

 Questionmark, the online assessment provider, has recently announced its latest test format designed to validate practical skill levels for IT professionals. With performance-based testing from Questionmark, and in partnership with Skillable, candidates—be they corporate or education-based—can demonstrate their skills in authentic lab environments which allows employers, credentialing organizations, and educators to make more informed decisions for their business. 

The benefits of Performance-based Testing with Questionmark include: 

  • Authentic lab environments for accurate skill assessment: assess practical skills accurately and make more informed decisions about employees and candidates.  
  • Protect against test fraud: while not impossible, the ability to commit test fraud via performance testing is much more difficult, adding an extra layer of validity to test results.  
  • Scale your organization: build and scale your performance testing alongside other assessment types in one easy-to-use platform.  
  • Manage tests with ease: easily schedule, track and report on lab-based assessments.  
  • Grow and globalize: deliver anywhere, without the need for physical test centers, including in new markets across the globe  
  • Enjoy high-value certifications: offer higher value credentialing and certifications with well-designed and high-fidelity performance tests that show not only if a candidate has the appropriate knowledge but if they also can apply that knowledge in a real-world setting  

“The ability for organizations to assess practical skills accurately and make more informed decisions about their employees and candidates is a powerful benefit of lab-based testing and one we’re pleased to have developed alongside Skillable”John Kleeman, Founder of Questionmark

Accurately assessing a candidate’s real-world application of knowledge is a central aspect of many organizations, whether it’s generally upskilling a SMEs workforce or ensuring an individual in an IT role has the technical skills necessary to perform. To that end, Performance-based testing in lab-based environments with Questionmark provides a superior level of insight and accuracy.

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About Questionmark

Questionmark unlocks performance through reliable and secure online assessments.

Questionmark provides a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform and professional services to leading organizations around the world, delivered with care and unequaled expertise. Its full-service online assessment tool and professional services help customers to improve their performance and meet their compliance requirements. Questionmark enables organizations to unlock their potential by delivering assessments which are valid, reliable, fair and defensible.

Questionmark offers secure powerful integration with other LMS, LRS and proctoring services making it easy to bring everything together in one place. Questionmark’s cloud-based assessment management platform offers rapid deployment, scalability for high-volume test delivery, 24/7 support, and the peace-of-mind of secure, audited U.S., Australian and European-based data centers.

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