Four Steps to Trusted Workplace Assessments

Using an analogy to medical blood tests, the paper introduces the key concepts of validity and reliability and explains why they are important. It provides four key steps to achieving validity and reliability, as well as additional resources for further reading.

Meeting the Manufacturing Skills Crisis

This white paper explores the pressing people-related challenges facing manufacturers. It illustrates how employers can use the information from staff assessments to make better decisions and overcome the problems that are common across the industry.

Workplace Assessment

This white paper explains why workplace assessment is important and describes a new international standard, ISO 10667 in the area. This standard defines good practice in procedures and methods to assess people in work and organisational settings.

Making Informed People Decisions in Professional Services

This white paper identifies crucial challenges across the industry and explores how assessments can help address them. It explores how employers can make better people decisions and ensure that workers have the skills and qualities they need to overcome hurdles and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Protecting Brand and Building Revenue

This white paper explores the challenges facing credentialing organisations, acknowledging immediate problems posed by the pandemic and recognizing the wider trends that are driving new approaches. The paper shows how our assessment platform and services can support customers through these challenges and make the most of new opportunities.