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NT-ware is a software development company specializing in on premise and cloud based print and scan solutions


NT-ware is a software development company specialising in on premise and cloud based print and scan solutions, headquartered in Germany with offices in the US, Singapore, and Japan. The firm has more than 30,000 customers, where worldwide around 600.000 connected MFPs are used by more than 10 million users.


After switching to home working, NT-ware needed to guard against cybersecurity risks to protect its customers and its business. For this NT-ware needed a way to identify if their users had the required knowledge to identify and handle modern cybersecurity threats. For this NT-ware included Questionmark’s cybersecurity test in the assessment of the cybersecurity readiness of its employees when working from home.


As a technology company NT-ware has high standards in cybersecurity and dedicated IT staff to protect its business and processes. However, like many employers in early 2020, NT-ware had to switch most of its 155 employees to work from home. This created new cybersecurity risks. For a business that helps customers with information security, NT-ware needed to guard against its own potential cybersecurity breaches. These could result in financial losses and a negative impact on reputation.

How Questionmark helped

In September 2020, NT-ware ran Questionmark’s Cybersecurity for Home-based Workers assessment to measure how competent all its employees were.

By using Questionmark’s cybersecurity assessment, NT-ware was able to get more information on what its employees knew and what they didn’t. Being a software development company the majority of their staff is technology oriented and security conscious, but the assessment helped identify the weaker links in the chain. This clear picture can be used to support decisions on the training and development needed to address those potential cybersecurity gaps.

Cybersecurity for Home-based Workers is part of a range of new ready-made assessments from Questionmark that help employers assess the business skills of their people. The tests cover compliance, sales and marketing, and transferable skills.

Results, return on investment and future plans

The test has helped NT-ware to identify the cybersecurity knowledge among its employees, to meet compliance requirements, and help reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

In implementing the test across the firm, the assessment has helped NT-ware to increase awareness among employees to cybersecurity threats. The test has also helped the firm identify which of their employees need further support or training.

For NT-ware, the test showed that most employees had the cybersecurity knowledge they needed to work safely and securely from home. The test also enabled the firm to demonstrate to customers and partners that they take cybersecurity seriously, creating peace-of-mind and building trust.

NT-ware now plans to make Questionmark’s Cybersecurity for Home-based Workers assessment part of its on boarding process for new employees.

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