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Increasing accuracy, credibility and speed of pre and post training assessments.
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LafargeHolcim is the leading global building materials and solutions company serving masons, builders, architects and engineers all over the world.

A crucial priority for senior leaders is to test the skills and competency of manufacturing staff and devise appropriate training programs. During the training process, pre and post competency testing is required to analyze the effect of the training.

Prior to working with Questionmark, tests were paper based. This made it hard to store centrally, quickly analyze and mark efficiently.

LafargeHolcim wanted to find a means of assessing all manufacturing staff with the same package before and after the training programs. It also wanted to quickly assess the outcome and, ultimately, through customized training programs, to ensure that operational targets are consistently and sustainably achieved at the plant level.


LafargeHolcim uses Questionmark OnDemand to add credibility to assessments, run centralized tests, automatically access the results and to translate information into local languages.

The assessments are used before and after training to measure the impact of the training. All assessments are conducted in an exam environment.

The company uses multiple choice questions and true/false questions. As a global operation with dozens of countries using the platform, the translation management system is incredibly useful.

Reports are generated and sent to the coaches that deliver the training so that programs can be adapted accordingly. Participants are also informed about their personal scores.

Questionmark is used by LafargeHolcim to provide a fair and secure environment for everyone and reduce the risk of cheating.


Since the they began using Questionmark, test preparation and correction time has reduced enormously.

Tests can be organized on site, on time and online, using the local language and providing a fair and secure environment to everyone.

Real-time access to results and patterns has helped enhance the training programs and the platform has significantly mitigated the risk of cheating.

The tool has ensured that our training programs have more impact. As the tool mitigates the risk of cheating, we have developed questions that can be used over longer periods of time, so we can really compare competencies having the same base. The reports allow us to build concrete and customized development plans.

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