Build the best team with post-hire assessment

Retain the best talent and build the best team

High staff turnover costs time and money. It damages culture and motivation.

The post-hire experience can be as important as the recruitment process in retaining the best staff.

Assessing staff as they join can make it easier for employers to assemble a relevant and genuinely welcoming onboarding programme.

By getting a clear picture on a new joiner’s existing knowledge base and skill set, employers can prioritise training that equips team members with the modern skills they need to face today’s challenges. Assessments can also identify high-potential candidates and future leaders.

By ensuring that new recruits hit the ground running and engage with culture, productivity is boosted. When turnover is low, the costs and time associated with constant recruitment are reduced.

Make effective post-hire decisions

Create onboarding plans

A clear read of a new hire’s current experiences and skills makes it easier for managers to anticipate what will be required from an induction programme.

Predict future training needs

Through understanding a candidate’s current abilities, employers can predict which skills will need to be further developed.

Identify high potential

Some tests can identify high potential candidates and predict how likely they are to rise within the business. One example is Questionmark Thinking Skills by Cambridge Assessment which tests problem-solving and critical thinking.

Recognise potential successors

Test can help to identify those with the skills and capabilities to succeed employees in critical roles.

Identify leadership potential

By examining critical skills and competencies, assessments can help identify future leaders, from both within the business and externally.

Satisfy regulators

Ensure that employees understand relevant regulations with compliance programmes.

Core features

Unlimited number of test-takers

The platform can assess an unlimited number of test-takers from anywhere in the world.

Range of assessment formats

Make use of a range of assessment formats including ‘multiple choice’, ‘drag and drop’ and many more.

Instant access to results

Tests are automatically marked and results are instantly compiled. Trends and patterns are easy and quick to spot.

Item analysis

Drill-down into item statistics to help understand how effective the questions being asked are. Available statistics include item difficulty p-value, high-low discrimination, item-total correlation discrimination, item-rest correlation discrimination and item reliability.

Create bespoke content

Create world-class assessment content to meet several different needs.

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