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  1. Error code: 50202

    Error 50202: IPAddressNotPermitted Description Access denied. User's IP address is not ... Solution The user's IP address isn't permitted. Allow the user's IP address. Finding more ...

    Type: Error Base

  2. Error code: 50216

    user exists in the Perception repository. Troubleshooting The following table provides a list of ... possible causes and solutions: Cause Solution The user doesn't exist in the Questionmark repository. ... Check to see if the user exists in the Questionmark repository. Finding more information Visit our  ...

    Type: Error Base

  3. Error code: 50227

    Error 50227: MissingLogonUserParameter Description Access denied. Missing LOGON_USER parameter. ...

    Type: Error Base

  4. Error code: 25136

    a question used in an assessment is not already translated in the target language in which user is trying to ...

    Type: Error Base