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  1. Webinar: Item Analysis for Beginners

    easy, too hard or which show ambiguity. If you then review such questions and either improve them or ...

    Type: Video

  2. Webinar: Item Analysis: Concepts and Practice

    include an interactive opportunity for attendees to review example statistics that illustrate how test ...

    Type: Video

  3. 2015 Users Conference Webcast- Overview of Setting Performance Standards

    norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessments. We will review the role of performance levels in score ...

    Type: Video

  4. Randomly designed tests- How can they be fair to all?

    James R. Parry, Test Development Manager, US Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown, VA, explains ...

    Type: Video

  5. 2015 Users Conference Webcast- Writing Performance-Based Test Items

    Manager, U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown, VA,  LT Carlos E. Schwarzbauer, IT Lead, US Coast ...

    Type: Video

  6. Webinar Recording: 10 Quick Tips to Improve your Tests and Exams

    What makes a "good" test? Join us for a 1-hour webinar that will explore ten essential ...

    Type: Video