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  1. 2018 Conference Webcast- Opening General Session

    Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd will moderate this session and call on members of our product management teams to present and demonstrate the latest releases and new features in assessment authoring, delivery and reporting.  90 minutes ...

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  2. 2015 Users Conference Webcast- Overview of Setting Performance Standards

    You got your test scores, but what do they mean? Assessments include an evaluative component for interpreting scores in relation to the domain or measured construct, and test users require documentation on how to make those interpretations. Defining perfo ...

    Type: Video

  3. 2015 Users Conference Webcast- Writing Performance-Based Test Items

    We have all been exposed to some sort of assessment in our lives. Think back to your school days – you would sit in class and then get a test on what you were supposed to know. Most times the test was just a regurgitation of rote memory. If you paid atten ...

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  4. Online proctoring: The candidate journey

    initiates a web conference and begins the authentication procedure at this point. Authentication and test ...

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