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  1. 4. Install a database system to handle the ETL_Temp database

    with Perception. SQL Server Make sure that the SQL Server authentication mode is set to Mixed Mode (SQL ... have configured SQL Server, continue to step 5 using the link below. Language English (US) Perception ...

    Type: Product guide

  2. Questionmark Results API with SAP Business Objects

    How to use SAP Business Objects to access your organization's Questionmark assessment results using odata feeds via Questionmark's Results API. 7:22 ...

    Type: Video

  3. How secure are your assessments?

    How safe are your online assessment content and exam results? How secure is the personal information you store? How would a data breach impact your organization’s reputation? Security is an arms race... and your defenses HAVE to be up.  With a large, secu ...

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  4. Customer Case Studies

    Questionmark OnDemand Questionmark Live Questionmark mobile apps Questionmark Perception Awarding ...

    Type: Case study