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  1. Customizing Questionmark Participant Interfaces

    Training Training home Two-day hands-on training This in-depth, hands-on course provides a look ... and syntax Use of XML editors or text editors for modifying XML documents Browser developer tools such ... as Firebug for Firefox and/or browser developer tools Instructional strategies Participants are ...

    Type: Service

  2. Online Proctoring

    and conveniently deliver exams to candidates while they’re at work or home, eliminating the need for ...

    Type: Video

  3. Questionmark Online Proctoring- The Candidate Journey

    which enables you to securely and conveniently take exams while at work or home, eliminating the need ...

    Type: Video

  4. Editing question properties

    Incomplete This is an incomplete question that is still being developed. No Experimental You can put ...

    Type: Product guide

  5. Technologies for selling tests

    Profit from your assessments Language English (US) Textbook companies, professional associations, awarding bodies and other test publishers can streamline individual and bulk sales of online quizzes and tests saved in a  Questionmark Perception  repositor ...

    Type: Solution

  6. Responsive design for online assessment delivery

    Questionmark's responsive design capabilities take the guesswork out of blended delivery. Author an assessment once and then deliver it via many different types of devices—from PCs and Macs to tablets and smart phones. 1:29 Responsive Design for Onli ...

    Type: Video

  7. Open Enrollment- 2-Day Course

    Training Training Home Onsite Training Course Overview This is a comprehensive, hands-on course ... in afternoon Course Objectives By the end of the course, trainees will be able to: Develop effective ... Topics Create questions Develop assessments Publish assessments for delivery Use the functions of system ...

    Type: Service

  8. Get Questionmark Secure

    Questionmark Secure is a locked-down browser designed to help you provide secure environment in which to deliver high stakes assessments such as tests and exams. Delivering assessments via Questionmark Secure can help significantly reduce the risk of chea ...

    Type: Product

  9. QR codes- How to easily create them and embed assessments

    A video explaining how to create a QR code from a URL for an assessment. This video does not show how to use Publish to LMS to create a URL for an assessment. 02:26 ...

    Type: Video

  10. Printing and Scanning

    A video showing how to use the Print Assessment for Scanning option in Authoring Manager, scan the answers, and then upload the results. 3:17 ...

    Type: Video