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Equal Access to Testing NOW: Accommodations, the Internet and Cultural Diversity (Translations)

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Considering the myriad of challenges assessment professionals face in managing a successful testing program, it’s easy to understand why accessibility may be approached as an important — but ultimately rote — process of checking compliance and checking a box. This mindset, while understandable, may also lead to missed opportunities.

Committing to accessibility is committing to building better assessments. Indeed, going boldly beyond the guidelines yields more than vital accommodations for the individual test takers who need them, but also results in innovations that improve testing for all stakeholders.

Presented by Gavin Cooney, CEO and co-founder of Learnosity, and John Kleeman, founder of Questionmark (now part of the Learnosity Group), this session covers:

  • Common types of needs and accommodations testing programs must consider
  • High-priority use cases and key technical challenges
  • Relevant standards and guidelines for assessment accessibility
  • How Learnosity and Questionmark have each approached accessibility in their products
  • What the future holds for accessible and inclusive assessment

This session will help those who are building assessment software to make it more practically accessible and those who are deploying digital tests and exams know what to look for in practical accessibility. Attendees will gain a deep understanding of how to apply a human-centric approach to product design to deliver a more complete experience, reduce costly rework, and ultimately provide a more inclusive assessment experience.

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