Webinar Recording – The Future of Learning: Is a Hybrid Model Here to Stay?

The Future of Learning: Is a Hybrid Model Here to Stay?

Last year, the testing industry was shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced institutions to explore alternatives to traditional in-person testing. What do these changes mean for the future of testing?

With so many institutions globally adopting distance learning programs, industry leaders predict that the hybrid learning model is here to stay. For organizations primarily leveraging testing centers, the last year has shown the industry the importance of protecting test-taker privacy and security.

Presented by Ivan Babovic of Proctorio and John Kleeman of Questionmark, this session looks into the future of validation of learning by focusing on value to the learner.

This session outlines a vision for the future of learning and testing and suggest the importance of a testing and proctoring model that focuses on the needs of test takers, whether they require remote alternatives to testing or testing in-person. The presenters also describe how protecting test-taker privacy, data security and accessibility are critical for institutions and the industry.

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