Webinar Recording: 5 Quick Ways to Boost Performance with Digital Badging

Digital badges help motivate employees, candidates and learners, but to do this sustainably, they need credible, valid and reliable foundations, very often a trustworthy assessment.

A sound digital credentialing strategy can benefit organizations and individuals alike.  For individuals, digital credentials show verifiable evidence of their skills and achievements on their online professional profile, email footer, or social media.  For employers, digital credentials recognize, reward, and communicate the achievements, large or small, of their people and have a range of business benefits. For credentialing and awarding bodies, they can increase the visibility and value of certification programs.

This 1-hour webinar explores:

  • Applications and benefits of badging
  • Strategies to ensure credibility of digital credentials
  • How badging and assessments fit together

It also highlights how Questionmark’s badging solution, which integrates the Questionmark platform with the industry-leading Acclaim by Credly digital credentialing system, enables you to automatically grant digital badges to participants based on the outcomes they achieve on assessments such as certification exams, post-course tests or advancement exams.

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