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Pitfalls of a “Good Enough” Solution

How a complete assessment management system trumps “good enough” solution across several key areas.
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Regardless of the size of a department or organization, we’re all keen to improve efficiency and when it comes to assessments — improve validity and reliability. Selecting the right assessment tool is critical. Sticking with a “good enough” solution will do more harm than good. In the short term it will hinder your productivity; in the long run it could not only mean a painful migration from one system to another, but could also cost you a fortune in compliance fines or HR disputes!

So how do you distinguish a “good enough” assessment solution from a complete one?

This cheat sheet discusses how a complete assessment management system trumps “good enough” solutions in several areas, including:

  • Establishing content validity
  • Managing multilingual assessments
  • Maintaining an audit trail
  • Developing observational assessments
  • Minimizing cheating and content theft

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