Industry Leadership

June 2020

The “A Matter of Trust” report

Times are changing rapidly. The decisions that employers make relating to their people matter now more than ever.

Concerns around personal privacy could prevent employers from getting the vital information they need to make good people decisions.  

This report will help assessment, human resources and learning and development professionals be sure that they are getting the right information about their people to make fair and informed decisions while addressing privacy concerns and build trust.

April 2020

The “Remote Success” report

Long before the world knew the name COVID-19, 2020 was predicted to be the year of working from home.

But no one could have predicted the urgency and scale with which new working solutions would have to be tested. Governments around the world have ramped up social distancing measures. Working from home has been identified as a major pillar of business continuity.

In this report, we explore the stresses and struggles that all organisations are experiencing as they move to remote working, identify the emerging types of home worker and demonstrate that by investing in remote assessment of staff, leaders can acquire the information they need to ensure success in a radically new environment.

March 2020

“The need to know” report

The decisions that businesses and organisations make matter. Too often critical business decisions are ill-informed, based on bad information or made by those who are not qualified to do so.

In this report, we explore the business needs that lead organisations to invest in assessments and the challenges they face with delivering them.

We also summarize how organisations overcome these issues and use assessments to transform decision making.

February 2020

The “world’s worst business decisions” report

Decisions matter. So how can organisations make more informed decisions?

To emphasize why organisations need to be serious about making informed decisions, we’ve explored seven ill-judged business mistakes.

Download the report to read about some of the decisions that have gone down in history and how assessments can help.

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