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Understanding eLearning Standards- AICC HACP

24 Aug 2009

I prepared a new segment on Understanding eLearning Standards. This segment addresses the “how” of elearning standards, and specifically run-time communication using the common AICC HACP specification. [Don’t worry SCORM fans, there will be another segment focusing on the SCORM runtime.]

Standards fans (and hockey fans) are likely to appreciate the analogies used to explain a run-time environment in general. The video also steps through the lifecycle of an activity running in an LMS environment. Then I drill down to the specific of AICC, including both the common browser-to-LMS and the compelling server-to-server uses of AICC HACP.

Finally, the segment closes with a review of key resources from the AICC web site to help you make the most of AICC HACP.

By the way, here is an extra resource for members of the Questionmark Software Support Plan Community. There is a great Knowledge Base article on customizing the Perception v4 PIP file for AICC. This article shows how you can use a custom PIP file to utilize additional demographic or custom variables from an AICC compatible LMS. Check it out.

Stay tuned to the Questionmark Blog for the next segment that will address SCORM Run-Time Communication.

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