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A Comprehensive Test Fraud Checklist for Businesses

13 Sep 2022

The Test Fraud Checklist

With test fraud an ever-present threat to businesses and organizations everywhere, the need for thorough and reliable measures to protect against it is becoming increasingly necessary. Despite the consequences of test fraud being well-documented, still it seems that exam integrity and the fines that come with it are a challenge business leaders are concerned about. To help systematically combat this, Questionmark has created the ultimate Test Fraud Checklist. This handy checklist has been designed to help you deter, prevent and detect test fraud—use it to check you’re covering all the steps needed to keep your assessments secure, valid and fair.

What is this comprehensive test fraud checklist for? 

The below test fraud checklist is for companies who have employees taking internal, external, or CPD/CPE tests and exams in the workplace. Following these steps will help reduce cheating in tests and exams by employees—and the resultant integrity and compliance issues. Steps are divided into those that deter test fraud, those that prevent it, and those that detect and respond to it.

Deter: Actions to deter employees from considering test fraud

1Write a policy 
Define and communicate a formal policy
requiring employees to take tests and
exams on their own, without unauthorized
aids and following testing rules. 
Without a clear policy, employees may not
realize how seriously their company takes
test fraud. The lack of policies in this area has
been highlighted in regulator actions.
2Incorporate the policy into training 
Include the requirement to take tests honestly
within your integrity and ethics training. 
Reinforces that the policy is taken seriously. 
3Bring managers onside 
Brief executives and managers on the
need for testing integrity and encourage
them to communicate this to their teams. 
Tone and culture are set at the top.  
4Publicize security measures 
Communicate to employees what you
are doing to secure tests and the
consequences for cheating. Publicize
cheating incidents and responses
Deterrence is a powerful security mechanism.
Seeing examples of others disciplined for test
cheating helps disincentivize the activity. 
5Remove the need to cheat 
Provide good learning opportunities for
all tests that employees have to take.
Helps people realize they can pass the test
without cheating.

For our full Test Fraud checklist, including how to prevent and detect Test Fraud, hit the download button.

What are the benefits of using this test fraud checklist? 

Regulators are always looking for examples of businesses being proactive in tackling issues like test fraud, and by using this checklist, you can easily demonstrate the measures you have put in place to minimize its occurrence. What’s more, this checklist not only enables you to manage the testing of your current employees, but also people at the pre-employment stage, putting in place clear policies and top-down communications on the company’s stance on test fraud before an individual is even hired.   

Should I try and prevent all test fraud equally? 

Quantifying risk diagram

While all test fraud is, of course, undesired, the trick to tackling it effectively is understanding that not all test fraud is equally harmful. The diagram shown here can help you quantify risk in a meaningful way, allowing you to place focus on those situations of high probability and high impact, as opposed to the low probability and low impact. Discover more on this subject by reading ‘Investigating Test Fraud and Creating Reliable Assessments’.

What else can I do to manage test fraud within my organization? 

Test fraud is the unfortunate result of people having the opportunity, the incentive and the ability to rationalize what they’re doing as ‘not so bad’. While great technology (like online proctoring that can use AI to flag suspicious activity) is a wonderful deterrent, preventing test fraud takes much more than tech-based approaches. From question design, communication on consequences and setting up test takers for success, organizations need a full approach when tackling this area of learning and development.

Creating tests

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*Disclaimer: this checklist is provided by Questionmark in good faith, but we can’t warrant that following these actions will necessarily stop test fraud. Please note that that educational and certification tests might need slightly different stepthan those outlined here. This checklist is copyright of Questionmark Computing Limited 2022 but may be copied for use within organizations providing Questionmark is accredited.

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