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Episode 14 – Assessment Luminary, Helen Baron, Psychometric Test Development

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Helen Baron, who is an expert in psychometric measurement and assessment. Helen works with test publishers and employers on developing tests and assessment processes. Helen discusses how she got into assessment, and dives into her time at SHL, the different types of assessments used in recruiting and where personality tests come in and her work on assessment standards.

Episode 13 – Assessment Luminary, Wendy Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrick Partners

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Wendy Kirkpatrick, President and Founder of Kirkpatrick Partners. As a global driving force of the use and implementation of the Kirkpatrick Model, Wendy leads companies to measurable success through training and evaluation. Wendy discusses how she got into training and assessments, and dives into the four levels of evaluation, why level three is the most important and how to measure behavior, and her tips for evaluating training while remote working.

Episode Resources:

Join the free Kirkpatrick Community and gain access to over 100 resources: https://kirkpatrickpartners.com/Resources

To learn more about the topics discussed during this episode, pick up a copy of the latest Kirkpatrick book: https://kirkpatrickpartners.com/Products/Kirkpatricks-Four-Levels-of-Training-Evaluation

To speak with the Kirkpatricks, call (770) 302-3500 or email inquiries@kirkpatrickpartners.com

Episode 12 – Assessment Luminary, Chris Norton, Mentor Group

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Chris Norton, Director at Mentor Group, a global sales transformation company based in UK. Chris shares his background and experience with assessments and discusses the value and best practice advice on using assessments in the sales space, the new Questionmark B2B Sales Qualification by Mentor Group and the future of digital selling.

Episode 11 – Assessment Luminary, Bernt Nilsen, Datakortet

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Bernt Nilsen, founder of Datakoret (ECDL Norway) and Norsk Test, the leading test developer and supplier of national certification programs in Norway. Bernt discusses how he got into the assessment world and shares what’s important when running a testing service business, his best practice advice for creating high-stakes assessments and the value in anonymous testing.

Episode 10 – Assessment Luminary, Alan Thiemann, Attorney and General Counsel to ATP

John Kleeman is joined by renowned attorney, Alan Thiemann of Hans Santos, PLLC and General Counsel to the Assocation of Test Publishers (ATP). Alan discusses how he got into testing and his role at ATP and dives into topics such as privacy and remote proctoring, how to avoid being taken to court for a bad test and testing controversies in the US.

Episode 9 – Assessment Luminary, Liberty Munson, Microsoft

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Liberty Munson, who is the Senior Psychometrician for Microsoft. Liberty discussess how she got into assessments, why people stay in jobs, the value of certifications and the future assessments, among other topics. Liberty also shares her aha! moment – listen to hear more!

Episode 8 – Assessment Luminary: Jim Holm, Examity

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Jim Holm, CEO of Examity, the leading solution for learning validation and test security. Jim discusses how he got into his current role and the challenges he’s faced with COVID-19, and dives into remote proctoring, including the value, his best practice advice, the future of proctoring and his views on artificial intelligence and proctoring.

Episode 7 – Assessment Luminary: Paul Crump, Cambridge Assessment

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Paul Crump of Cambridge Assessment, the non-teaching department of the Unviersity of Cambridge that develops and delivers examinations and tests around the world through their three exam boards. Crump discusses his background in assessments and dives into the Thinking Skills testing initiated by Cambridge Assessment and his best practice advice for those creating questions and assessment.

Episode 6 – Assessment Luminary: Sue Martin, TÜV Rheinland Akademie GmbH

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, Sue Martin, a pioneer in the assessment industry responsible for implementing the first test center network in Europe. Sue shares her story and advice on transforming certification programs. Discover the five most important considerations when setting up your certification program.

Episode 5 – Assessment Luminary: William G Harris, ATP

John Kleeman is joined by assessment luminary, William G Harris, Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), the leading international organization for publishers of assessment programs. G Harris discusses his background in assessments and dives into his advice for those starting out in assessments, the importance of validity in assessments and the different sets of standards for testing, among other topics.