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Multilingual Approach Includes Videos

Posted by Julie Delazyn Questionmark customers are spread across the globe, and so it's important for us that our product is multilingual. Here are some of the features available: Built-in assessment screens, controls and login pages in 34 different languages, including support for right-to-left languages Translation Management System to streamline translation,... Read More

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Test Security: Not Necessarily a Question of Proctoring Mode

Posted by Austin Fossey I recently spent time looking for research studies that analyzed the security levels of online and in-person proctoring. Unfortunately, no one seems to have compared these two approaches with a well-designed study. (If someone has done a rigorous study contrasting these two modes of delivery, please let... Read More

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Integrating with other systems: video tutorials

Posted by Julie Delazyn Although you can use Questionmark as a stand-alone Assessment Management System (AMS), it also integrates seamlessly with other key systems – everything from learning management systems and content management systems to portals and scanning technologies. Questionmark Connectors make these integrations possible. Some of these, such as... Read More

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Integrating and Connectors – Blackboard

The Questionmark Blackboard Connector is a proprietary connector that provides unprecedented integration between the Blackboard LMS and Questionmark. Through the Blackboard Connector: The first time an instructor interfaces with Questionmark, a Questionmark admin ID is created for them automatically. When an instructor adds a Questionmark assessment to a Blackboard course,... Read More

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Integrating and Connectors – SharePoint

Posted By Doug Peterson There’s not just one way to integrate Questionmark with your SharePoint portal. There’s not just two ways. There are actually three ways to integrate a Questionmark assessment into a SharePoint page! For Perception (on-premise) customers, it’s possible to use Windows Authentication to present to a SharePoint... Read More

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Integrating and Connectors – Blackboard

Posted By Doug Peterson So far in this series we have discussed integrating using common standards – launch-and-track with AICC or SCORM, or a tighter integration with the Questionmark LTI Connector. In this installment we take a look at a deeper, custom integration – the Questionmark Blackboard Connector. The latest... Read More

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Integrating and Connectors – Moodle

Posted By Doug Peterson This installment of the Integrating and Connectors series focuses on Moodle. Technically, it’s really about the Questionmark LTI Connector and how it can be used to integrate with Moodle. (We’ll take a look at integrating with Canvas using the LTI Connector in a future installment.) LTI... Read More