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Focus on compliance at London Breakfast Briefing

Posted by Chloe Mendonca Earlier this week, Questionmark held a Breakfast Briefing at Microsoft’s London office. Questionmark users and other assessment professionals got together to learn about the latest assessment technologies and discuss the various benefits and applications of online assessment. There were some thought-provoking questions and answers, particularly about... Read More

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eAssessment in the Cloud, Sunshine or Thunderstorm?

Posted by John Kleeman Earlier this week, I presented at the online part of the eAssessment Scotland conference on the advantages and disadvantages for academic institutions of using eAssessment in the Cloud “on-demand” or installing it “on-premise” within the institution. Does an on-demand eAssessment service give continual sunshine to a... Read More

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What is the Angoff Method?

Posted by Julie Delazyn When creating tests that define levels of competency as they relate to performance, it’s essential to use a reliable method for establishing defensible pass/fail scores. One of these is the Angoff Method, which uses a focus-group approach for this process. The Angoff scoringmethod has a strong... Read More

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Security in the Final Step of Test and Exam Delivery

Posted by Julie Delazyn The secure delivery of high-stakes assessments should protect valuable test/exam content and the integrity of results as well as personally identifiable information about participants. Achieving this requires organizations to  thoughtfully determine what delivery methods and security measures to use – by carefully considering questions such as... Read More

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Applying the principles of item and test analysis to yield better results

Posted by Julie Delazyn Using item and test analysis reports gives you valuable data that can help you improve your assessments – but how do you interpret  that data and use it effectively? This SlideShare presentation put together by Sean Farrell, Senior Manager Evaluation & Assessment at PricewaterhouseCoopers, explains the... Read More

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Alignment, impact and measurement with the A-model

Posted by Julie Delazyn It’s essential for learning and other important change initiatives – including assessment and evaluation -- to align with an organization’s strategic goals. So it’s important for organizations and individuals to clarify the goals, objectives and human performance issues of their work and design systematic assessment programs... Read More

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Valuable tips on assessment translation, localization and adaptation

Sue Orchard Posted by Julie Delazyn . "Unprecedented interconnection." Those are the words that Sue Orchard of Comms Multilingual, a professional translation services firm, uses to describe a world of Increasing global alliances and supply chains, in which assessments such as test, exams and certifications are administered around the world.... Read More